Who We Are

Whitehall Translations is a full-service translation company catering to small- and mid-size businesses who demand quick, accurate, and cost-effective results.

Whether you need to translate one document or one thousand, our team of expert translators will get the job done fast at a price your business can afford. We specialize in medical, legal, and educational services and guarantee that the finished product will meet the highest professional standards. We routinely translate from and to almost every language spoken around the world.

With over two decades of experience serving the international community, Whitehall is a well-known and respected presence in the industry. In recent years, we have completed projects on behalf of other translation companies for global brands such as Microsoft, 3M, General Electric, Skype, Citigroup, McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Hasbro, Samsonite, AstraZeneca, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Thanks to our big-business experience and small-business focus, every client can expect both personalized attention and professional results.

We understand that translation is not just a skill but also an art. Whenever you work with our team, you work with masters of the discipline. Beyond simply providing an accurate, grammatically correct translation, we take pains to convey the true meaning of the original document, always capturing the subtle nuances of the language.

The ultimate goal of any translation is to connect. At Whitehall, we're here to help you connect your company to a world without borders.

Dr. Magdolna Binn

Our founder and president, Dr. Magdolna Binn, believes in a hands-on approach to customer service. Having practiced law abroad for 10 years, Dr. Binn knows from experience just how crucial it is to have a translation that is faithful to the original language while flowing naturally in the new one.

Today, Dr. Binn directly supervises the entire Whitehall team. As a licensed member of the American Translators Association, the New York Circle of Translators, the Translators and Interpreters Guild, and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, she personally oversees many of our projects and often conducts the final proofreading herself.

Our Services

For additional information or a free quote, call us at (516) 887-7319

or email us at info@whitehall.bz.